Capture The Flag 101
Date & Time
Tuesday, July 2, 2019, 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM
This session is for wannabe hackers.
We begin with a short introduction to Capture The Flags (CTF). What are those ethical games? What is CTFtime? Where can we find and register to CTFs? Where can we train for CTFs? What are the most useful tools?
Then, attendees will be given three challenges to solve in 2 hours. During that time, attendees are on their own: they work on their laptop and try to solve the challenges. They may work in small teams, as this is common for CTFs. For this part, attendees MUST have a laptop.
When time is over, we wrap up the session and explain how those challenges can be solved. We explain our methodology, as well as the tools we personally used. Finally, as people often come up with different solutions, attendees who solved challenges are welcome to share the various solutions they used.

Speakers: Axelle Aprville,Simon Bryden,Alain Forcioli

Technical Requirements: Laptop with 8Gb RAM and Wifi, Firefox and Chrome, SSH/Telnet terminal client

Skills Requirements: NSE 4