Experience the Best of FortiManager 6.2
Date & Time
Thursday, July 4, 2019, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
This session will present an overview of FortiManager 6.2 new features and will then focus on three important topics: Cisco ISE (pxGrid) connector, SD-WAN Management and Automation with Ansible.
In this session, you will get presentation+demo of the latest FortiManager 6.2 new features (from the brand new connectors to
shared and consolidated policies, passing through the GUI usability enhancements).
Then you will see the new Cisco ISE (pXgrid) connector in action through a presentation+demo showing how to connect both the
FortiManager and the FortiGate to extract user details from an existing Cisco ISE infrastructure. 
The art of ZTP.
GUI, CLI, and ... API! Orchestration or automation gets more and more popular even in the enterprise segment; let's discover together what Ansible brings to FortiManager by playing with a real Automation hands-on lab.

Speakers: Jean-Pierre Forcioli, Robert Pluim, Kevin Capecchi

Technical Requirements: Laptop with 8Gb RAM and Wifi

Skills Requirements: NSE 4